Meet Modern Mouse Design

Marisa (on the left) and Sweina (on the right).


Gosh! What a whirlwind! Last week we launched our STORE full of Disney-inspired clothing and accessories and today we officially launch our very own BLOG! Welcome to our Modern Mouse Design blog and meet the two of us, Marisa and Sweina (pronounced sway-nah)! We thought that we'd start by sharing a little bit about who we are and why we are just crazy about Disneyland. 

MARISA:  Hi there! A little backstory... I spent my childhood Mousercising before preschool, rockin my Minnie Mouse dress with cowboy boots on, and snuggling up under our end table to watch Disney Sunday Night Movies. My happiest childhood memories were at Disneyland on family vacations. I've always loved the magic of Disneyland and the idea that there was a safe place to be my truest self.  Now, as a wife and mom of 3, I have the pleasure of experiencing the magic of Disney all over again through the eyes of my amazing kids. Every trip that we take from our home in Seattle down to Disneyland, I’m able to learn more and more tips and tricks to pass on to you about how to make your Disneyland adventures less stressful, less expensive but LOTS more fun!  

SWEINA: Hey all! Growing up in Southern California, my parents would wake us up for a surprise day trip to Disneyland every once in a while. My love for art, Kids Incorporated, movies and wonder seemed to convene in one really magical place. I've been hooked ever since. Now I'm a Seattle-based wife and mom of three artsy dreamers. Disneyland is now a multiple day experience which has given our family the knowledge to tackle the parks in a stress free, FUN, and dare I say, relaxing way! Most people think about doing Disneyland, but ruin it by the pressure to DO everything once they are there. My hope is to help people chill out around the Disneyland experience and design your best trip! 

Well, there you have it! Now you KNOW we are huge, Disney-loving dorks and that we aren't even ashamed to admit it. Ha! Thanks for following along on this journey!

(OH! Keep an eye on your email on Saturday... It's Mickey's birthday and we are doing something super special to celebrate!)

See you real soon!

Marisa and Sweina